Building Physics and Construction Technology Laboratory 

The Building Physics and Construction Technology Laboratory (LFTC) belongs to the Civil Engineering Department (DEC) of University of Minho (UMinho). LFTC is also integrated in the Institute for Sustainability and Innovation in Structural Engineering  research center (ISISE).

LFTC research areas include the development of sustainable, innovative and more suitable construction products and solutions; Development of systems to assess and recognize sustainable building, including life-cycle analysis (LCA) of building performance, LCA of construction products and environmental product declaration (EPD); Renovation, re-use and rehabilitation of existing buildings towards European Union targets; Development of strategies and technologies towards EU 20-20-20 targets and nearly-zero emissions buildings; Design for Climate Change; Design for future demounting and reuse of materials and building components; Assessment and prediction of the Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ); Integration of passive and active solar systems; Comfort and energy efficiency in constructions; Higrothermal behavior of buildings; Indoor air quality; Lighting behaviour of buildings; Eco-efficient construction materials; Evaluation of construction solutions performance; Infrared thermal imaging; Thermal and acoustic performance of buildings.

LFTC also offers highly specialized consulting in the domains of acoustics, room acoustics, energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality, ventilation and non-structural rehabilitation.

SBE19 Brussels conference

The BAMB Consortium organized the Research Days of BAMB’s final event “Buildings As Materials Banks – a pathway for a circular future” (SBE19 Brussels – BAMB-CIRCPATH) that was held in Brussels from the 06th to the 07th of February 2019.

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Reversible Building Design Symposium

The 2nd Reversible Building Design Symposium focuses on transition towards circular economy and shaping the roadmap for the transformation of building design and construction for one end of life option to design and construction of built Environment with multiple reuse options related to multiple value proposition.

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The European building sector is at this moment not able to offer an integral solution for deep renovation toward nearly Zero Energy Building (nZEB) for reasonable costs.

MORE-CONNECT tries to solve this problem by developing prefabricated, multifunctional renovation elements for the total building envelope (façade and roof) and building services. More information here.