Academic qualifications:

• M.Sc. in Sustainable Construction and Rehabilitation by Minho University, 2012, Very Good.

Degree in Architecture by University of Évora, 2007, Good.


Present position:

Researcher scholarship at Civil Engineering Department of Minho University, since 2014.


Ongoing PhD. research:

reVer - Modeling the life-cycle performance of Portuguese vernacular buildings – contributes to the sustainability of buildings.

Research interest and experience: Sustainable Construction; Vernacular/traditional architecture; Sustainable building technologies; Energy efficiency and simulation.






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Jorge Emanuel Pereira Fernandes


Professional address

University of Minho,

Department of Civil Engineering,

Alameda da Universidade

4800-058, Portugal


Phone:       +351 253 510 200

Extension: 517 248

Fax:          +351 253 510 217