The Building Physics and Construction Technology Laboratory (LFTC) is a unit of the Civil Engineering Department (DEC) of University of Minho (UMinho) and the Territory, Environment and Construction Center (C-TAC).

LFTC research areas include the development of sustainable, innovative and more suitable construction products and solutions; Development of systems to assess and recognize sustainable building, including life-cycle analysis (LCA) of building performance, LCA of construction products and environmental product declaration (EPD); Renovation, re-use and rehabilitation of existing buildings towards European Union targets; Development of strategies and technologies towards EU 20-20-20 targets and nearly-zero emissions buildings; Design for Climate Change; Design for future demounting and reuse of materials and building components; Assessment and prediction of the Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ); Integration of passive and active solar systems; Comfort and energy efficiency in constructions; Higrothermal behavior of buildings; Indoor air quality; Lighting behaviour of buildings; Eco-efficient construction materials; Evaluation of construction solutions performance; Infrared thermal imaging; Thermal and acoustic performance of buildings.

LFTC also offers highly specialized consulting in the domains of acoustics, room acoustics, energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality, ventilation and non-structural rehabilitation.